Feeding Friends is Fun


BY Understanding food and flavours


For students, singles and others interested in food and cooking but who haven't yet started. Feeding Friends is Fun is rewarding, and interesting. It packs a lot of information on the ingredients that add taste, flavour and excitement to food. It is about food, and the joy of cooking and preparing attractive meals for friends. 


For those who watch the food programmes and have an interest in food but haven't yet started cooking, this book is about understanding food; herbs, spices, tastes and flavours and simple dishes attractively served.

It is about the fun and joy and sensuality of cooking and producing tasty and attractive meals for friends. What can be more pleasant and rewarding than serving food that you have prepared with care for friends and loved ones?

Mainly it is about the fun and enjoyment once you've taken the plunge!


The book is purely narrative and contains no photographs


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Feeding friends at home is  more fun and costs a lot less than eating in restaurants!


Use FEEDING FRIENDS is FUN as a basic guide to understanding different tastes, flavours  and ingredients and how easy it is to produce interesting dishes